focusing on relationship building and simple acts of presence.

Having met for worship at the Central Union Mission men's homeless shelter in its early years, St. Brendan's was founded on the idea of transformation through kingdom action and contemplation. We want to put our time and financial resources in the same direction, focusing on acts of presence, relationship building and simple acts.

We seek to pay attention to the movement of the Holy Spirit and listen together for where God would have us serve and then go out into the city somewhat spontaneously. We have had  gatherings as disparate as pop-up "Flash Tables" (pie parties that welcome all to a beautiful table set in a perhaps-forgotten park or locale) and hosting a booth to share prayer and hopes for the city written on a giant chalkboard at Eastern Market.

We love using the arts as a tool to reach out beyond our community, whether through our literary journal Macalla or through initiatives that the creatives among us dream up to welcome friends and include the marginalized.

We continue to be involved with Central Union Mission and with men and families that they serve. We want engagement in loving the city to be normative for all of our people, a means of discipleship, so that we are living out the gospel through action that flows from lives of contemplation and worship. 

In so living, we expect to be transformed and to be agents of transformation for a hurting city that hungers and thirsts for the love of Jesus and for places to belong and be welcomed.